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Cyborg - Robot Hire

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Following numerous requests from our clients, we take  great pleasure in introducing

Cyborg the Humanoid Robot.


Inside a state of the art robot costume which was built to our specifications our Operator is able to interact

with your clients, walking amongst them, speaking to them through a synthesised voice box which is also amplified,

shaking their hand, dancing with them, in fact just about anything that you could imagine.


Produced for use at Trade Shows, TV & Movie Costume, Product Promotion, Corporate Events, Theme Parks,

Parties, Stage Shows and Fairs, this is guaranteed to attract the attention of everyone who comes into contact


This truly is a sensational concept which has the additional benefit of offering you a cost effective

alternative to our range of mechanical Robots.


To make your product or event really stand out we offer substantial discount to any client who wishes to book

both CyBorg and a mechanical Robot together


Telephone: 01202-576622

Fax: 01202-578822



RoboShop is a Division of The Entertainment Biz, the largest Supplier of Adult Interactive Equipment in the U.K hiring to the Night-Club and Corporate Entertainment Industries, Colleges, Universities, Television, Film and Video Companies.


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