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Robot Hire - Roboshop

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RoboShop is now able to offer a High Tech method of promoting Products and

Services with our mechanical remte controlled Robots which is completely new to the U.K


Today's "Computer Literate" Generation wants a challenging form of Entertainment.

Robots with their animated features and the ability to carry on a spontaneous conversation,

appeal to both Adults and Kids of all ages. our Robots are a combination of old fashioned Magic and Space aged

excitement that is guaranteed to create interest and produce Sales.


Why Robots ?


Our Robotic characters are completely mobile and can operate on most surfaces.

Remote Controlled, animated features include fluent Mouth and Head movement,

Broadcast quality Digitally Synthesized two way Wireless communication to make

the Operator's voice sound "in character".


Our larger Z-Tron Robot also has the ability to film and transmit participants

image via a Television screen within the chest panel.



Our mobile eloquent Robots have strikingly shown their effectiveness as:


  •  Transmitters of information at Exhibitions, Conferences and Presentations.

  •  Crowd attractions for the opening of new Stores, Bars, Restaurants, Night-Clubs

  •  and Seasonal Promotions.

  •  Entertainers for Business associates and friends.




ROBOSHOP is able to offer full Product Branding, or with our smaller model we have the facility to build a completely new custom made figure to your specific requirements.


We are only limited by your imagination - Contact us now.



Telephone: 01202-576622

Fax: 01202-578822



RoboShop is a Division of The Entertainment Biz, the largest Supplier of Adult Interactive Equipment in the U.K hiring to the Night-Club and Corporate Entertainment Industries, Colleges, Universities, Television, Film and Video Companies.


For full details of all equipment available, please visit our main Web site


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